Why Anyone Would Listen to My Writing?

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Before I started writing, I wondered why anyone would listen to my writing. I hadn’t figured everything out. I wasn’t a guru of all things. I didn’t realize I was on a journey to learn about myself and share what I learned to potentially help others along the same adventure.

Running to catch up, following my older brother and father, I was always the youngest in the family.

It would be a story played out through my childhood.

Trying to beat my brother at baseball, soccer, skateboarding or who knows what else.

My brother would tell me leading is a good trait and my father, a leader by profession in the fire department, was more soft spoken.

He led by his actions.

I kept my mouth shut and decided to be like a sponge and take in all the bias, advice, political views, values, personality traits, and habits.

Individuality was not a concern for me. I had this assumption from a very young age, that everyone is unique in some way.

So I didn’t rebel, or try to be different.

I enjoyed the company of my brother and father.

Why you Need a Voice

Fast forward several years and through some hardships, I developed my own opinions and values naturally.

I started to see the different sides of my brother and father.

Judgmental some would say, but I usually don’t bring it up with them unless they ask me about it.

You need a voice to add value to someone’s life.

But how you tell the person, defines what kind of person you are. You’re not going to gain many friends by pointing out all their flaws.

Or will you?

“Are you the type of person that would tell the truth to improve someone else’s life even if it means you lose that friend in the process?”

Is it your place to even tell that person?

Either way, you need a voice, whether you speak it or not, is your choice.

The more you develop your voice, the more you know about yourself.

You need a voice to add value to your own life.

How to Go about Using your Voice

Being a great conversationalist and learning to win and influence friends, requires that you be a keen listener.

People love to talk about themselves, and the more you can get out of them the happier they seem to be.

People are guarded though, sometimes it’s hard to get the wheels turning when sharing about ourselves.

One habit I do, I call it “the share to share”

If you open up to someone else, just in the right amount, they tend to feel more comfortable to share their opinion.

You also have to use your voice to show understanding to keep the conversation going — to show that you are following what that person is saying.

If you can attentively listen and add value without intrusion or offense, you’re sure to have many people wanting to listen to what you have to say.

Should I use My Voice

Every year I question my thinking. I look back one year, and I ponder to myself, “What was I thinking back then”

So I question my advice or opinion, “will it ever be good enough?”

When will I know everything?

I think that sarcastic question sums up why you shouldn’t wait because you think your opinion is wrong.

The way I look at it is, it is potentially impolite not to share your opinion.

For instance, what if you knew the road was closed, and your friend was about to embark on a trip going to that road.

Wouldn’t be impolite to not tell them the road is closed.

You may not always be right, but it’s worth risking your own insecurities and embarrassment to help another person improve, protect, or better themselves.

It is always up to that person to make his or her decision about what to believe.

Common Sense

When someone says “that’s common sense” it is an attack on someone who is ignorant.

There are a lot of things that are not common sense.

It only becomes common sense when we share our opinions.

You might even say common sense creates identity.

When you share common sense with a group of people, you identify with that group.

You find out what you support and what you oppose.

Our common sense dictates when we do with our lives, creating an identity.

How can we share your identity safely?

Writing is the Perfect Outlet to Share your Opinions

There is a lot of disagreement in the world, conflicting ideologies, opinions, values, political views, and religion.

When having a conversation, its good to pick and choose what topics to bring up. Some controversial topics can be taboo and always incite anger and frustration.

When you are writing, it’s perfect. People can take it or leave it. You are not jamming it down someone’s throat.

You can express yourself, unhinged, and unrestricted.

Find yourself, find your voice and share it with the world. It could be the greatest journey that is left in the world.




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