Sleep, Exercise, and Diet

Sometimes I waste time thinking what it would be like if I was never diagnosed with Schizophrenia. All things that went wrong went right.

But who knows where I would have ended up. Have your predictions come true. Most of the time we visualize the future, and then the future happens and it’s different than what we pictured.

What if you were worse off not being diagnosed. It’s totally possible. Who knows what kind of tragedy was in store.

Dreaming of what could be and what should be seems like a waste of my time.

So I decided to find out what is in my control and that’s sleep, exercise, and diet.

I choose these habits because they are builder habits, meaning if you get these habits right it enables you to form other good habits.

For example if you get good sleep, lots of exercise, and a good diet, you will be in a good mood, thereby enabling you to work more effectively, or study harder, or whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Put another way it’s like if I work backwards on my current goal. I choose a goal like, say, getting better at programming. I ask myself well in order to get better at programming what do I need?

Well, I need to be motivated. Then I keep working backwards from there. So then, what do I need to be motivated?

Well, I need to have the energy to be motivated. So then, what do I need to have energy. Well, simple, good sleep, lots of exercise, and a good diet.

You can work backwards analyzing what you need for any goal and you’ll eventually end up at these core basic habits.

As being diagnosed and having negative symptoms, which there are no effective medications for, I choose to be the best at these core habits.

Exercise doesn’t have to be running a marathon. Just getting up and moving is enough to give you a boost. Seriously, I can totally feel the effects of more exercise. It’s like its own medication. I feel like a different person when I get moving.

Getting enough sleep is vital. I know I know it’s so obvious, but keeping to a regular sleep schedule keeps me centered. For me, and I know everyone is different, I like to wake up before 5am and start my day.

I have more energy in the morning. When I first wake up and have a cup of coffee, that’s when I have the most energy, and that’s when I take care of exercise. Also that timing sets me up for the day.

All the good chemicals released during exercise are carried with me throughout the day.

Good diet, this is a hard one to be consistent. And what does it really mean to have a good diet? It’s debatable.

My technique is simple. I always wondered how ancient doctors back in the day figured out remedies. They must have been really in tune with their bodies.

I think we have lost this connection with our bodies, and we must regain it. I suggest experimenting with your diet and seeing how it makes you feel.

Instead of basing everything on taste, base everything on how it makes you feel.

Another suggestion is regulating your poop. It sounds gross, but when you have healthy looking poop, you are doing something right!

Okay so we talked about what’s in your control and how it’s more productive to focus on things that you can improve on, instead of daydreaming about what could have been.

Sleep, exercise, and diet are my core habits to work on. You could have your own. I’m interested in what other core habits you’re thinking about. So please comment and share.

Take and care! And LOVE yourself.




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Schizophrenia and Me

Schizophrenia and Me


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